Continuing Education

2023 NYSAE Spring Lecture

"Things you don't know you don't know regarding advanced imaging in endodontics." — By Dr. Bruno C. Azevedo

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Dr. Bruno C. Azevedo is a Board Certified oral & maxillofacial radiologist and is also known as “The Cone Beam Guy,” with his extensive experience in 3D imaging technologies in dentistry.

Course description:

Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) has become an essential imaging diagnostic tool in endodontics. There is an indisputable acceptance that 3D imaging is far superior diagnostically to 2D imaging. CBCT provides more information to the clinician regarding analyzing dental and peripheral anatomy and periapical and root pathologies. CBCT imaging also works as a scaffold for newly developed guided and dynamic navigation surgeries and is strongly recommended before using the new irrigation systems. CBCT imaging is also embraced in academics and is part of the educational curriculum of the next generation of endodontists.

Acquiring advanced knowledge to recognize the unknown is of paramount importance to advance the art and science of endodontics.

Learning objectives:

Lecture Details:

This event is free for all members of the NYSAE. There are no course prerequisites for this event.